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Hi all,

just few words about me, hoping to keep this bio far from being self-congratulatory. Back in 2011, I completed a PhD in Computing and my adventure in the academic world, which started with my first and enduring love for Philosophy and History of Ideas. Towards the end of my philosophical studies, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and the idea that we could make thinking machines. In a nutshell, that was my first “fictional meeting” with Alan Mathison Turing and his journey through the history of computational intelligence and the ways to discern between humans and machines. My thesis on Alan Mathison Turing’s ideas, the Turing’s machine, the philosophical debates on what intelligent means (e.g. Searle’s Chinese room argument) was born. From then, I was always bothered by the fact that I was a Philosophy graduate talking about something I could not fully understand or better I didi not have the chance to delve into from a technical point of view. Using a bit of fast-forwarding technique, that inquisitive girl from Italy (sure, of course I have forgotten to mention this earlier) is in Leeds, UK, attending her Mres and then PhD in Computing, with the hope she could find herself a bit more knowledge about the nitty-gritty fundamentals of Computer Science. Necessity dictated to have a proper job, so I spent 3 years at The British Library as an Application Specialist in the Search Team and currently working for an international Consultancy company covering Back-End and Front End development for one of our accounts.

For my own mental sanity, I also have a life which goes beyond all these intellectual lucubrations: I deeply love music, in particular baroque music and opera, I had an on and off affair with a resonant piece of wood called violin (alternated with 4-legs object named piano) and I am a long-term fencing amateur (which it has nothing to do with gardens and fences…). Photography is still a working progress skill, but each picture is a drop of joy, regardless its degree of technical imperfection…Ah, almost forgotten – I deeply love art and Sci-Fi movies as well as being a fond lover of  action-adventure open world stealth video games (obviously, the Assassin’s Creed saga).

ADDENDUM: I have recently moved to Germany, specifically the vibrant Berlin, to work for an exciting Sport and Performance shoes company. A bit of a change from the Consultancy world and Cyber security application domain, but still full of interesting avenues. I love to work for a company that actually builds and sells end user products!! My journey as part of the Sporting Goods industry has been nice and sweet and after a short freelance project, I will be starting a new adventure as a Data Enginer (stay tuned, more info soon)

If you want to find out a bit more about me, here few tools and instruments I often use to portray my research interests and passions:

Academia.edu page
Mendley page
Linkedin profile

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