Research Interests

My research interests span from Ontology Engineering/Methodology, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Digital Humanities, Semantic Web to Information Retrieval (Apache Lucene and Solr), Big Data and Data Analytics/Data Science.  During my Mres (Master by Research) and PhD in Computing, I particularly focused on engineering domain-ontologies (in my case historical/philosophical ontologies, i.e. History of Science) and developing  a framework for modelling events and representing temporal information. Furthermore, the combination of ontological structures and inference and connection rules formed the backbone of an innovative approach to help people discover connections between historical events by automatically generating semantic trajectories, that are logically connected knowledge units.  

Former member of the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Research Group and User Modelling and User Adaptive Systems Research Group at the University of Leeds, School of Computing, I still try to follow trends and keep informed about new research directions.

My main intent is to combine my background in Semantic Technologies and Artificial Intelligence with my experience in Information Retrieval and Search Engines.  I am a very keen search technologist (Lucene and Solr) with a strong and avid interest in any emerging technologies and platforms. I am addicted to reading about Data Science and Machine learning as well as NoSQL databases and Hadoop.

A bit more on my past academic research:

Some of my talks and presentations:


Information Retrieval and Search Development at the British Library:

Click to access BritishLibraryPrimoCaseStudy.pdf

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