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Your bank will pay Microsoft to keep running its ATMs – don’t panic, not so soon!

This news sounds alarming, but it is mostly inaccurate as AMTs use XP Embedded (aka XPe), which is a componentized version of the Professional edition of Windows XP. XPe is mostly employed for cash registers, industrial robotics, NAS, navigation devices, AMTs, etc and it will be supported until the 12th of January 2016.  

Your bank will pay Microsoft to keep running its ATMs.

More Than Nine Browser Tabs Open is not a Good Idea

A Linkedin Today’s article from LifeHacker looking into the unproductive abuse of multi-tabs. There is no correlation between effective multitasking and number of active tabs. On the contrary, multiple opened tabs often lessen focus and attention span.

Here the full article:

Why You Should Never Have More Than Nine Browser Tabs Open.

Coding project that allows you “paraphrasing” classical music as you stream it

Coming from both an academic environment and 5 years violin classes at the School of Music, I was particularly interested in reading about Orchestrated Text, a Sheffield based project that uses a combination of HTML 5 and Javascript to load snippets of descriptive text as the music is streamed. The text aims to heighten and deepen the listener’s experience by portraying the imagery space behind the notes of Winter from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The text is based on the Deutsche Grammophon “La Gran Musica” series of CDs and books, whose purpose is to provide the listener with a guided tour for each classical piece and use the textual medium to enhance the listening experience. The project’s creator, Richard Birkin from Sheffield based media company Mudlark, soon stumbled upon one of the main challenges: synchronising each piece of the text with the music while it buffered. He found inspiration from the work of Nick Catalano and Matt Merkle for their Portal 2 site whose code was the main starting point. After getting more and more familiar with timing triggers and animation sequencing/re-sequencing, Birking was ready to present Orchestrated Text to the world of classical music fans, whose reception is already very positive. As the page loads the classical piece, each snippet of the text is queued up and attached to a time and animation instruction. As the track reaches each timing, the browser renders the text according to the animation instruction. I can personally see a bright future for Orchestrated Text, especially for educational purposes. Despite being currently at a prototypical stage, this project is a promising educational tool that combines the richness of both audio and texual media by equipping the listening with a real-time ‘paraphrasing’ facility to flow throughout the piece’s message.

The full Wired article (on which my post is based):

Coding project aims to deepen the experience of streaming classical music (Wired UK).

Waiting for Cebit 2013, here some updates from CES 2013

In preparation to Cebit 2013 (I am seriously planning to attend, this year), I have taken a look at what it is going on at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held each January in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, US. Among the 20.000 new consumer products launched, Mashable selects the top 10 tech ‘objects of desire’: the impressive Kingston 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Panasonic’s 20 inch 4 K resolution Tablet, the world’s largest UHD TV and (impossible not to mention) the third generation LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Exciting gadgets!

RIP Aaron Swartz – a sad news

I have just came across the news of Aaron Swartz’s death, co-founder of Reddit and prolific Internet activist. It saddens me that such a bright and inquisitive mind will not be contributing anymore to our ‘Internet society’ with his fresh and technologically savy ideas. I would like to pay a tribute to his figure by posting Cory Doctorow’s article, co-editor of Boing Boing:

RIP, Aaron Swartz – Boing Boing.