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Dress code in the office: what is your view?

I am still a big fan of the “dress to impress” approach and I much prefer wearing a suit to work. Although I work at an organization where there is not an established dress code, I am very much “old school”. Small businesses owners and start-ups are departing from some strict dress code policy (was not this always the case?)

Here some views on the topic:

Connectors and connecting the dots

I stumbled upon an article which defines the notion of connector and what a connector does in a networking-oriented society like ours. A connector is someone who shows genuine willingness in communicating with others and a passion for meeting and knowing new people. More importantly, a connector always adventures beyond his/her comfort zone, constantly being “the new kid in the block”. I personally value the idea of reaching out people and building a network of individuals who share similar interests and ideals, but I am also inclined to cherish solitary activities as a way of finding yourself and reflecting on past experiences. Balance is extremely important, especially when it comes to the debate of quantity versus quality in interpersonal communication.

Here the article at Entrepreneur

Kodak, we are sad to see you leaving…

Rumours about Kodak filling for bankruptcy have been circulating for a while on the Net. The photography community, and not only that, would remember that Apollo 11 astronauts used a Kodak camera to record the memorable event of the first human being walking on the Moon’s surface. Sentimentalisms apart, Kodak obtained a loan of $950 million (£615 million) from Citigroup to continue operating during bankruptcy and paying employees. The combination of loan and bankruptcy protection will allow Kodak re-structuring and re-organising its business whose interventions and strategies are documented in KodakTransforms

Here the article from Wired