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What is data scientist? – Definition from

Another definition of  ‘Data Scientist’ and its domain of expertise. One interesting aspect, as mentioned in the article, is the “ability to explain the significance of data in a way that can be easily understood by others”. In other words, strong communication and presentation skills should complement wmachines learning, big data and statistical knowledge. The whole package!


What is data scientist? – Definition from

Apache Hadoop Bigtop Project

The Apache Hadoop Bigtop project  runs interoperability tests on stacks of Hadoop components (the Hadoop-related projects also called Hadoop ecosystem) and provides Linux RPMs and Debian packages for a piece of mind installation. The main goal of Bigtop is to build community with the ultimate aim of packaging a combination of components that work well together, therefore the emphasis is on a system as whole rather than individual projects. Although Cloudera and Hortonworks already provide Hadoop distributions, that are suites of compatible components, Bigtop is an excellence resource for selecting the right Hadoop ecosystem components.

Meet Kaggle Connect: matchmaker for data scientists and companies that need them — Tech News and Analysis

Kaggle, a Data Science Competition platform, is launching Kaggle Connect to link Data Science practitioners/experts and real-world data problems submitted by companies. This is truly a great tool to challenge yourself in the Data Science arena and to gain some “virtual reputation”. Beside, a number of  job averts seeking Data Scientists have started listing participation in a Kaggle competition as a key criterion. Kaggle Connect will be available to companies that will pay a subscription fee to gain access to a pool of Data Scientists. So far, Kaggle has attracted nearly 100,000 Data Scientist who are ranked objectively on solving over 150 real-world data analytic problems.

Here the article from Gigaom

A comprehensive List of Tech London Start ups

IT news often report the fast growing tech start ups scenario in USA, in California and more recently in New York. However, there is still little coverage of the vibrant London start ups companies and I was rather pleased to see the Duedil Blog post on London’s Real Tech Startups and the more recent addition of all online start ups in greater London (that takes the number to approximately 330 companies – perhaps more at the time of writing). Good job UK!

Here the London Start up Map