Fake data science – AnalyticBridge

Recently, I have been very much interested in looking closer at the definition of Data Science and what it is truly required to call yourself a Data Scientist. More than a buzzword and a new paradigm, Data Science embraces concepts coming from Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Visualization and Statistics as well as expertise in diverse technologies for Big Data platforms. More than anything, a Data Scientist needs to have a number of soft and transferable skills such as ability to sense the data and identify valuable patterns, business acumen, strong vertical communication skills and a constant dose of curious and innovation. Although I work as an Application Specialist, a big chunk of my work focuses on making sense of large datasets by unveiling previously undiscovered patterns and trends. Because of that, I often find myself wondering whether Data Science is simply some good old ideas/notions with a new label.

Here the article by Vincent Granville :Fake data science – AnalyticBridge.

Here the article titled “Strata speaker calls for increased focus on data scientist education” by Mark Brunelli


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