Kodak, we are sad to see you leaving…

Rumours about Kodak filling for bankruptcy have been circulating for a while on the Net. The photography community, and not only that, would remember that Apollo 11 astronauts used a Kodak camera to record the memorable event of the first human being walking on the Moon’s surface. Sentimentalisms apart, Kodak obtained a loan of $950 million (£615 million) from Citigroup to continue operating during bankruptcy and paying employees. The combination of loan and bankruptcy protection will allow Kodak re-structuring and re-organising its business whose interventions and strategies are documented in KodakTransforms

Here the article from Wired


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  1. Great succinct post, although sad! I came here in doing research for my own post about the Disc camera from an evolution-of-technology angle, spurred by Kodak’s recent bankruptcy announcement.


    I link to your post in my post, and I’d especially appreciate your thoughts in the comments there if you’d care to share. Thanks!

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for the pingback, although my post is really sketchy. I am still a blogger in training, therefore I tend to be very concise…Your blog is excellent and I am privileged to have my “thin” post mentioned there, I will read the whole Kodak post and get back to you with my comment. Keep up the great work! I.

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