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Your bank will pay Microsoft to keep running its ATMs – don’t panic, not so soon!

This news sounds alarming, but it is mostly inaccurate as AMTs use XP Embedded (aka XPe), which is a componentized version of the Professional edition of Windows XP. XPe is mostly employed for cash registers, industrial robotics, NAS, navigation devices, AMTs, etc and it will be supported until the 12th of January 2016.  

Your bank will pay Microsoft to keep running its ATMs.

The 4 Flavors of The Internet of Things

Originally posted on What's The Big Data?:

Internet-of-Things-cisco-csco-stockTwo years ago, Fast Company reported on the “great tech war” of the four leading horsemen of the Internet–Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple (let’s call them the FAGA Four).  The race for Internet dominance has intensified since then, with Amazon pitting the Kindle Fire against the iPad and Google responding to Facebook with Google+.  Each of these four companies has moved from its base to capture more social, mobile, local, delivery, advertising, devices, and design dominions.

Even their emergent competition for the enterprise IT market has intensified lately, when Google introduced its Compute Engine and slashed the prices for its cloud services. Looks like it finally decided to make a more serious attempt to diversify from the $0.5 trillion global advertising market—where it gets almost all of its revenues—to the $3.7 trillion IT market. Facebook is the only one of the “Gang of Four” (Eric Schmidt’s term) that…

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Open Source Data Science Masters Curriculum

A list of excellent Open Source resources to build a Data Science curriculum for self-study learners:

Open Source Data Science Masters Curriculum.

Online Data Science Book Club

Originally posted on Data Science 101:

An online data science book club is being formed.  The group will be discussing a collection of books from O’Reilly.

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Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Interesting article for whoever wants to embark on a journey of coding delights. My personal opinion is that Python is probably the best programming language to get started, although I was first exposed to programming with Prolog. Well, I can proudly say: “I survived”!

Link to the Article:

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?.


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